Open-source Code Interpreting for AI Apps

E2B is building a secure open-source runtime that will power next billion of AI apps & agents.

We found an early traction with making it easy for developers to add code interpreting to their AI apps with our SDK built on top of our agentic runtime. We have paying customers from seed to enterprise companies and just ran over half a milion of our sandboxes.

We’re a young startup with a small team focused on shipping and no BS. We work in-person from our office in San Francisco. Recharging is important but there’s a long list of things to build. We aren’t a good place to look for work-life balance. We grind over the week and take time off over the weekend (unless you’re on-call). We are the place where all of us do our best work and build the cloud platform for the next software shift.

We’re backed by institutional VC funds together with founders like Guillermo Rauch (CEO of Vercel), Paul Copplestone (CEO of Supabase), Juraj Masar (CEO of Better Stack), or Flo Crivello (CEO of Lindy), Jakub Jurovych (CEO of Deepnote) together with angels from companies like Stripe, Retool, Figma, OpenAI, and Google.

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E2B is the interpretation layer for AI Agents 🎛

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